Peranan Model Pembelajaran berbasis Proyek dalam Meningkatkan Minat Belajar Peserta Didik pada Pelajaran IPS SMPN 4 Pangalengan


  • Dian Anggraeni Widiastuti SMPN 2 Pangalengan


Model of learning based on project, interest of learning


Interest of learning each student is different, teachers’ duty is finding the means to improve students’ interest of learning process. One of the means is using model of learning that can improve students’ creativity and students’ interest of learning. The aim of this study is to know role of the model of learning based on project in improving students’ interest in IPS subject in SMPN 4 Pangalengan. With regard to the problem above qualitative case study is applied. The data are obtained from interview, questionnaire, and observation. This research is done in SMPN 4 Pangalengan. The population of this research is teachers of Social Studies and students in SMPN 4 Pangalengan while the sample is students of class 8 C and their teacher is Mrs. Isnurhayati. This research using purposive sample, it is a technique of taking sample that will make the researcher to do this research easily. Technique of data analysis in this research is cover data reduction, presentation and the last is conclusion. Based on the findings in this research, it can be concluded: 1) teachers always make plan before teaching. 2) Model of learning based on project makes students more creative. 3) Teachers give assessment to students when learning process in classroom, such as discussion, using form that made before and appropriate with their needed. 4) Need more one hour in one meeting. 5) Model of learning based on project can improve students’ interest of learning. Based on the findings above, is suggested that teacher of Social Studies should using model of learning based on project. For headmaster hopefully complete school’s tool and infrastructure and for supervisor and hopefully more socialize the using model of learning based on project